Jun 17 2009

The Beginning..well, for me anyway

This is my first post on my journey, so it will probably be a little erratic. I hope that perhaps in the future, this journey will help other families in their search for a good Secular History curriculum.  Here are the basics of what I’m trying to find/create and what I already have! It will be broken down into sections so that the sections can be used separately, or together.

I would like the program to be literature based, similar to the Noeo Science program and History Odyssey.  I would also like to work on a timeline. The boys will be using a spiral bound sketch pad for the time line. The boys like to draw, so they will probably be doing their own renditions of the images for the people and other things.I will also be incorporating the Library, Art, Computer Technology (teaching requirement for my state), Writing and Critical Thinking. They will also be learning about Primary and Secondary Documents, and also how History needs to be read in “perspective”.

Here are some of the books that I have so far that I plan on using for the Pre-History part of our History program. I will give the title, where I purchased it and what I like about the book.

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History – Internet Linked – purchased at www.amazon.co. What I like best about this book, are the websites that you can go to for each period and for each subject within each period of History. Some are interactive, some are for reading. Some give art suggestions, or allow the child to play a game. There’s one website where you can “make” a fossil!

The Atlas of World History:Mapping the Human Journey – published by DK books – mine was purchased in the bargain section of Border’s books. Contains tons of historic maps, and other info on various areas of History. Also, has info and maps on locations of Hominid fossils and human migration from Pre-History to 5000 BCE

The Early Human World by Peter Robertshaw and Jill Rubalcaba – This book is actually part of a textbook series (The World In Ancient Times). While this IS a textbook from Oxford University Press, it’s written in storybook format.  From what I have read so far, and what I have garnered from my kids, it is rather interesting. The chapters are short and to the point, but written a format that makes it easy for kids (especially ADHD kids) to read and comprehend. This book does focus on Human Evolution and all that encompasses. Definitely not for those with a Creationist perspective.Purchased used on Amazon.

The World In Ancient Times: Primary Sources and Reference Volume by Ronald Mellor and Amanda H Podany – It’s a book of the primary documents and references used for the textbook series.Purchased used on Amazon.

I have found some worksheets and maps through www.socialstudies.com as well as www.currclick.com.  Mostly, we will be relying on our library and the internet (we are a techno geek family) for a good portion of our resources.

I don’t quite know how exactly this is going to work.  I want it to be engaging and fun, but yet educational at the same time.  It will definitely take awhile to put together! Let me know if you have any suggestions or even ideas.

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