Jun 16 2009


About, about, about…

Hmmm..this blog is about my search for a decent curriculum for my two boys.  My children are 11 and 13. My youngest has ADHD and we have chosen not to medicate. Because of this, the curriculum will be geared for those ages, as well as my youngest’s special learning style.

We have been looking for completely Secular History programs since we began our homeschooling journey in April of this year.   Anyone who has tried to find a truly Secular curriculum designed for homeschoolers is faced with one of three options.

First – The Creationist Perspective  AKA – the world began in 6000 BC and was completely created by a god and no species exists unless that god created it.

As a wannabe Historian and amateur Archaeologist, this is definitely a no go! 🙂

Second – Use a public school textbook and supplement the areas where it’s really lacking. That would be almost the entire book. So, why bother?

Third – Make your own. You either have to supplement or fight the system anyway, so just go ahead and make your own.

I have chosen the third option.  This blog is where I will list what has worked (or not) for us in different periods of History that we are studying.  We will start at the beginning and work towards the present day.

I have broken the History periods down into Pre-History (4.5BYA – 10000 BCE),  the Ancient World   (10000 BCE – 500 CE), the Medieval World (500 CE-1500 CE), and then 1500 CE to the present day. They will then be broken down further into various periods, and will probably include, reading , writing , art and critical thinking skills.

Anyway, thanks for joining me on my quest.  I just hope I’m not as bald as Sean Connery by the time this is over and done with! LOL