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Educationese — or Teacherese — is the name sometimes given to the jargon too frequently employed by some of those who train our schoolteachers. It is characterized typically by its humorlessly abstract, Latinate, and polysyllabic diction and its convoluted, rambling, and frequently passive syntax. Fights are never “fights” and rarely even “quarrels.” Instead, fights are “conflict situations.” At its worst, instead of correcting imprecision and ignorance, Teacherese tries to conceal learning activities, frequently from teachers themselves.

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So, why this blog?


Welcome to A2Z Homeschool: The Blog.

You are probably thinking: “Is Ann moving her site over to this domain?”

No, not exactly.

I’ll be using this blog site for new articles by me from this point on. If others wish to be contributing authors, I will add them on, or they may start their own blog elsewhere on this domain.

I’m just learning how to blog and set this up. Already encountered the password problem, so we’ll be working on that, and hopefully make it much easier to get started here.

See you around.

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