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Tale of a Bear in an Apple Tree


As tourists, staying in Camp Curry one November, we heard that there was a bear up in a tree in the apple orchard nearby, so being tourists, we grabbed our kids and cameras, and went over to look.

Which tree? Well, obviously, the one that was shaking like it had its own personal earthquake!

Our son, about 6 years old at that time, scooted ahead to get a good look, and planted himself right under the bear – about a 300 pound bear clinging to thin branches! – and looked up. The bear looked down. Oh oh!

Fred, my husband, raced up to rescue Scott.

Now, you know what happens when anyone eats too many green apples, right? Well, the same thing happens to bears, and the area under the tree was full of it!

Fred starts slippin’ and sliding’ and waving his arms… and goes flat down into all that bear … stuff.

That ol’ bear gave a wide-mouth, bearish grin, and was huffing and puffin’, and laughin’ as only a bear can laugh! The thin tree limbs were groaning and shakin’!

So we tourists grabbed Scott and stinkin’ Fred, and high-tailed it out of there!

Who needs no stinkin’ camera to remember a vacation like that?

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