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Uses for Old Calendars


Calendars.com is having a huge up-to-75% off sale on their 2012 calendars. Who needs a calendar when the year is about half over, you might ask?

Well, those of you doing unit studies might like to find a calendar for about $4-6 that is full of large photos entirely on topics your children love. Use them for art projects and science boards and such. Just click on “Categories” and look for subjects of interest.

Those of you who like to organize all activities will probably like one of their “Mom’s Organizer” calendars to track where everyone is going.

If you have to keep attendance records, any old calendar will do for the fall. Why not get one you’d like to look at anyway?

I like the “Large Print 2012 Pocket Planner.” Cost $0.74 and Goes from August on through 2013. Perfect for keeping homeschool and family plans where everyone can see what’s going on. Has pockets for adding flyers and invitations and maps. I know, I use an electronic calendar. But I like these pocket calendars when I must keep things straight such as tickets and other papers needed for an activity.

There’s an Historic Maps weekly journal with maps of old towns, I assume 52 of them. There are calendars with photos from the Civil War. All for about $4-5.

Search on your city or state name, and with any luck, you’ll find a calendar with great ideas for field trips. Add the word “travel” to find interesting destinations. Taking a vacation to another state this summer? Get a calendar for use on your trip!

Got a boy who likes trucks, the bigger the better? CAT has calendars there!

Have fun with this!

Ann Zeise
Your Homeschool Guide

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Winter Olympics 2010 Unit Study


By Ann Zeise

This will be an ongoing resource through the Winter Olympics in Vancouver February 12-28, 2010. I encourage you to comment and add links of interest to those studying the Olympics.

Understanding The Olympics

Intellectual Muscle: The Talks
A unique audio project inviting the public to flex their intellect via podcasts by some of the country’s best minds on topics related to the 2010 Winter Games. Of interest to older students wanting to understand the underpinnings of the Olympics.

Olympic Winter Sports

I often encourage homeschoolers to consider Olympic sports, where coaches, teams and training are often available within communities, and not just at public schools.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics
The main site for the 2010 Olympics. Get schedules and news, track medals, learn more about the athletes.

Cultural Olympiad Programme

Why is “Program” spelled “Programme” here?

Vancouver 2010 adds to 2010 Cultural Olympiad Programme
The third and final edition of Vancouver 2010’s Cultural Olympiad festivals will start on 22 January 2010 and run throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, concluding on 21 March. The extensive programme will include more than 600 ticketed and free performances and exhibitions in 60 venues in Metro Vancouver and British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor.

Winter Olympics Clip Art

Olympic Medal Tracker, Vancouver 2010
Print out and tally up the medal winners. Medals will be added to this page up to several times a day, so if you want a blank sheet, grab it early.

Olympic Winter Sports Teddy Bears
The following graphics are original works by your Kids’ Turn Central Founder Wendy Hogan. They may be used on personal or commercial web pages you own.

Olympics Kids Crafts

Gold Medals
These fun Gold Medals are a great way to end children’s sporting events or sports-themed parties. Your child’s eyes will sparkle as bright as their medal.

Ceremonial Olympic Torch
Celebrate the Winter Olympic Games 2010 by making this super simple ceremonial Olympic torch craft. Create your own games in the backyard with the help of neighborhood friends and some grown ups!

Vancouver 2010 Mascots

Vancouver 2010 Mascots
Come meet Sumi, Quatchi and Miga on this wonderful animated site for kids. Can you figure out what sort of creatures each is?

More Winter Fun

Winter Sports
Getting Started with snow and ice sports such as ice hockey, skating, skiing, snowboarding, and sledding.

Winter Unit Study
Find out about really cold places, about the science of cold, fun in the snow, and winter tales.

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