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Kids Love Getting Mail


But how much can you trust a total stranger with your kid’s mailing or email address?

There are options, and here’s some we’ve checked out.

For years on my site I’ve had an affiliate relationship with The Circle of Friends Penpal Club. This is for girls 7-17 years old only. This is a web-based system with “bad word” and “personal information” filters. There is a small entrance fee, but this is just enough to discourage those who aren’t serious about participating: $12 a year. Click on the JOIN button to sign up.

Another service contacted me, and offered to send me a sample of their product, My Bear Mail. As I was a little worried because of the play on words in their name, I had them send samples to my 8 year old grandson and my sister-in-law, Sue, a second grade teacher. I asked both to write me what they thought of the product. Each got a stuffed bear, who appears to be sending letters from all over the world, giving short lessons on the geography and history of each region visited.

My grandson got the bear and the mailings over time. Want to know the best part? He thinks they are coming from me directly! He thinks I’m on some sort of world tour, I guess. Even though he’s a big boy, he still found the bear endearing, and very much enjoys getting “real mail” from time to time.

Sue got the whole package at once. She had tried in the past to get penpals for her 2nd grade students, but it never worked out. The penpals were not consistent about writing back to each student. Having all the letters at once, she told me, makes it easy for her to plan her lesson around each letter. The kids always think each just arrived. There is no worrying that letters won’t arrive or some child will not get a letter.

From time-to-time I’ll update this post with other child-safe ways for your child to get involved with a “penpal” who is about as safe as anyone could make it.

By Ann Zeise

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