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Cover Letter and Transcript for Army Enlistment


By Lori Dake, author, and Ann Zeise, links.

In the second paragraph are the APPROVED (yay!) document templates for homeschoolers looking to enlist in the Army. As you probably know, each branch of the military has their own rules and requirements, but the Army appears to be the most homeschool-friendly branch.

The U.S. Army’s Education Specialist was primarily focused on the letter itself and not so much on the transcripts. I opted to provide both, utilizing the transcripts as a bullet point outline, backing up the brief letter she really wanted. In other words, I wanted some backup!

Please note my transcripts purposely do not display any grades or scores. We are eclectic homeschoolers in Illinois (among the top ten of most homeschool-friendly states in the country), so since they’re not required, I don’t use them. Besides, the Education Specialist was more focused on our son’s ASVAB score than anything, not unlike many colleges focusing on SAT scores. That, and the Army may be counting on me to provide biased scores anyway. Therefore, what works for Illinois may not work for North Dakota; I would advise homeschoolers to adjust my template to match their state’s high school graduation requirements.

So yes, we passed a major hurdle! Now it’s onto taking the official ASVAB test tomorrow, bringing along his social security card, birth certificate, state ID card, driver’s permit, Selective Service card, voter registration card and vaccination card. (In other words, I need to bring down EVERYTHING with his name on it!) I already know our son will do well; he scored a 65 (out of 99) on the pre-test last week at the recruiter’s office, surpassing the 50 minimum for homeschooled kids. (Traditionally schooled graduates only require a 31.) Everyone, including the recruiter, states the pre-test is designed to be much harder than the actual ASVAB and can guarantee a minimum of five points higher. (An online version of the pre-test is available at military.com.) With our son desiring to join the Infantry, a 70 would grant him practically any job he wants!

After that is the MEPS physical, probably next week, in all its underwear-clad, duck-walking glory. Our son has been maintaining his physical health for several years, so I do not foresee any issues here. Here is an instructional YouTube video that explains what can be expected, though I advise reading the comments to fill in some of the blanks, as it’s a few years dated.

If (no, when!) he gets the all-clear at the MEPS, he’ll be presented with the contract, of which my husband and I will be scrutinizing with a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb!! The recruiter stated our son will be ready to head out for nine weeks of basic training almost immediately after the graduation date we’ve set for him, and that’s only a few months away. I’d by lying if I said I was completely comfortable in this, but I know this is what he’s always wanted, so my husband and I completely support his decision. And yes, we’re very proud of him, too!

So, I hope this info helps out a few other homeschoolers. Feel free to post the documents and this email onto your site as you see fit.

And yes, thank you for providing such a great site for all of us!

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