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Crazy Sock Day


Welcome to Day 3 of the first EVER International Homeschool Spirit Week! A to Z Homeschool’s Cool is proud to be the official host of Wednesday, September 26th: Crazy Sock Day!

International Homeschool Spirit Week, September 24-28, 2012

How awesome is it that Homeschoolers don’t have to wear shoes all day if they don’t want to? Today, we’re going to celebrate that fact with Crazy Sock Day! So, take off those shoes (if you’re wearing them) and show off those crazy socks. Have some white tube socks and some fabric markers? Make your own! Or, just find the craziest socks you can and roll up those pant with pride. Still wearing shorts? Who cares? Pull those crazy socks up to your knees and show your crazy sock spirit!

Don’t forget to download your FREE spirit week resource from Geography Matters by visiting CurrClick.com, the official host of International Homeschool Spirit Week.

We encourage you to share your crazy sock fun with other homeschoolers in the following ways:

• Tell your co-op and your homeschooling friends what you are doing and get them involved.

• Hit the message boards and tell everybody about the fun you are having participating in International Homeschool Spirit Week.

• YouTube a video of your family schooling, comfy cozy style! Be sure and use the keywords, tag A to Z Homeschool’s Cool, Geography Matters and Homeschool Spirit Week when uploading.

• Take a picture and Instagram your fun to Facebook! Be sure and tag A to Z Homeschool’s Cool, Geography Matters and CurrClick.com‘s Facebook pages so we can take a look at your pictures.

• Tweet about what you are doing, using hashtag: #homeschoolspiritweek

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