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National Homeschool Conference at Disneyland


That’s right, this national home education conference has been cancelled until further notice.

We keep the following in mind when organizing this conference:

  • Families – your entire family is involved throughout the week, including grandparents and your skeptical inlaws!
  • Education – every day, all day, there are field trip opportunities which the committee has planned for you – come and learn with us
  • Networking – activities are planned every day to ensure you get maximum time to interact with homeschoolers from all over the country
  • Support – from vendor curriculum to mentors who have been there, you are sure to find the support you have been looking for and get recharged.
  • Value – if you are going to spend money on registration for a conference, why not have fun and get special pricing? Compare our registration against any state conference of comparable size, and compare our group rates on park admission tickets, and you will see for yourself.Oh, did we mention this national homeschool conference is at Disneyland in California? What an exciting venue to bring your kids! What’s the best way to see all that is going on with this conference? DOWNLOAD THE INFO PACKET from our website – big purple button on the right side of any subpage, and on the home page the link is in the upper right corner. Spread it all out on your table, decide what you want to do, and get registered today!

    Time is running out – we are just two months away, and you must pre-register. No tickets will be sold onsite. Some classes are now on a wait list, but everything else is available to register. To begin registration from this email, click YES below.

    If you still don’t know what is going on, ASK QUESTIONS NOW, we’ll be standing by on the discussion forums, email, and Facebook page, as well as the phones; and visit our National Homeschool Conference website today to download the complete info packet.

    Once on the site, you can easily email us, sign up to receive the newsletter updates, enter the discussion board area, or click the link to visit our Facebook fan page. DOWNLOAD THE INFO PACKET – giant purple button on any subpage of the website! To proceed with registration now, click YES below.

  • When
    Wednesday, September 8, 2010 8:00 AM –
    Saturday, September 11, 2010 11:00 PM
    Pacific Time Zone
  • Where
    Anaheim, CA 92802
  • Attire
    Casual Attire
  • FEE
    View Event FeesView Event Summary

    Saturday, July 31, 2010

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