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Valentine’s Day Dinner All in Red


If your kids remember the joy or pain of getting around 30 Valentine cards from their former classmates and a big class party with lots of sugary items, how do you adjust to celebrating Valentines Day at home – or do you just pretend it isn’t happening?

Our big deal was to have as many red-colored foods for dinner as we could think of. We’re not vegetarians, so a nice juicy steak was usually called for. Then I loved canned sliced beets, so I’d cut off little bits of each slice to make them heart shaped. Red potatoes are easy. Sliced tomatoes with a red vinaigrette dressing.

A red jam on homemade heart-shaped biscuits.

Tomato juice for a drink. Or maybe cranberry-apple juice or pomegranate juice.

Strawberries on strawberry ice cream for dessert. Slice each strawberry once from stem to point to make each heart shaped.

A neat photo of red fruits and vegetables

I am not responsible for the color of pee the next day!

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