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We have thrown the switch! The old site now redirects to the new WordPress site, with all sorts of new widgets and redesign.

Your favorite content is still here, I promise you, now on A2ZHomeschooling.com

We will still be fussing with it nearly all the time, but now I encourage you to help. I want to encourage contributors who would like to be able to post an article or two without having to commit to a full blog in this multiuser site.

I have more people working on the new A2ZHomeschooling site, which means from time to time I can blame the boo boos on someone else. David Proctor and Shawn Hall have been real heros. And our son Scott Zeise, has done a whole lot of the “grunt work” to get content moved over, so you’ll maybe see their names on some posts they helped recreate. My dear husband has been called on to do more than his fair share of cooking and housework.

It has been a steep learning curve for all of us, managing a site with over 1400 pages being moved to about the same number of posts. There are so many delightful plugins and widgets. We try some. Some work and some don’t.

But the code has been purged of all the old fashioned code that it has carried along since the days of PageMill. (Can you remember back that far?)

I want to keep this resource up and going, and am planning for its future. While I hope to be at it here for a good many years to come, I also realize that you younger moms and dads want to hear from those “in the thick of homeschooling.”

I encourage those who really want their own blog to start blogging here. Google knows that we’ve had this site going for three years now. It is out of its infancy! The new site and the old site share the site Google search. Meaning if someone searches on a keyword we both use, they see your posts as well as mine. This is HUGE! No other blog site can do this for you.

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