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Constitution Day September 17


The Constitution—Debate it. Discuss it. Understand it.

ALL Americans are encouraged to celebrate the U.S. Constitution on September 17. It was on this date in 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia signed the Constitution, a written charter for a new—and enduring—federal government.

The Constitution does not belong to one political party or one religious group. It belongs to all of us, so it is important that all our children understand what rights are protected under law.

Debate controversial issues with your homeschool support group friends. Discuss constitutional concepts with your children. Understand how the Constitution has shaped our democracy.

Visit The Constitution Day website for lesson plans, interactive features and games, conversation starters and information on landmark Supreme Court cases.

Here are some conversation starters about some important issues to help you get started.

For those of you wishing more formal lesson plans, or presentation materials, here are some lessons with pdf presentation materials.

Have some fun with these interactive games regarding the Constitution.

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