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Ring of Fire


A Milpitas Camera Club friend of mine traveled to India to get photos of the solar eclipse.

From Rajan:


I just wanted to share with you pictures I took of the annular solar eclipse that was visible in India yesterday (Jan 15, 2010). It was a very unique spectacle to watch. Many thousands of people around the world came to South Indian cities mainly Rameshwaram to watch this once in a lifetime event.

The eclipse was visible about 95% or more in these two cities, and the ring of fire as it is known (the ring or circle that forms when the moon is in front of the sun fully) lasted for over 10 minutes. I hear/read that this phenomenon (longest duration of the ring) will occur again in 3043 AD, although there may be other total solar eclipses in between now and 3043 AD, the will be not as long as 10 minutes, per scientists.

I took these pictures with a point and shoot digital camera from a rooftop of a home in Chennai, India. All pictures were hand held. Note that the eclipse was only visible 80% in Chennai. That is the ring of fire can only be seen 80% not a full circle.

From India

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