CIE Home Educators Survey

CIE Home Educators Survey

Please read and forward to anyone you know currently studying towards Cambridge Exams or planning to do so in the next three years.

This is the first step…

Following up previous information, Cambridge International Examinations Australasia have asked us (Erena Fussell and Judith Tizzard) to assist with this process by designing a survey for Home Educators.

CIE Home Educators survey

Participation in this survey does not constitute a commitment on your part. The information is indicative only and will be used to assist CIE in planning for the future. CIE is committed to ensuring that Private Candidates have the opportunity to sit Cambridge Exams throughout New Zealand both now and in the future.

The survey will be open until midnight Thursday 24th of February after which time it will be removed. If you do not fill in the survey, your information will be not be able to be included in the statistics for your region which means future students in your area may not have the opportunity to take Cambridge Exams.

Please take 5 mins to complete this survery and pass it onto anyone you know so that we may present the fullest picture possible. Rest assured that anonymity is guaranteed.

Many thanks,

Erena & Judith


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Cambridge Exams (CIE) in New Zealand

Message from Erena:

Cambridge Exams (CIE)

in New Zealand

for Home Educators

There is a major problem regarding Cambridge Exams (CIE) in New Zealand at present. A number of parents have been directly contacting schools and asking if they will take private candidates (even ones that aren’t listed as doing so.) As a result, a number of schools are no longer taking Private Candidates. Just today we learnt of two schools who regularly offered this option and have now pulled out. If we are not very careful, we may lose the opportunity altogether!

I (Erena) am involved in a working group which is trying to help solve this problem. This group includes homeschoolers as well as reps from CIE and also the Association of Cambridge Schools NZ (ACSNZ.) CIE are very committed to giving us this option and are prepared to work on our behalf they have requested that, in the meantime, all homeschooling parents STOP contacting schools, effective immediately.  While I can understand people’s initial reactions to this, we need to give the working group time to come up with a solution that is acceptable to the schools. We will do this as soon as possible so we should all know where we stand very soon.

***Please assist us with spreading this message far and wide – to anyone currently studying or planning on studying Cambridge up until and including 2013. A single enquiry could be the straw that broke the camel’s back – the situation is very serious. Home Educating is about choice and we need to preserve this choice!***

CIE has also requested we collate some data about HE students and Cambridge. A survey will be released tomorrow to this end so I will send through the link when that is finished. The results will be passed on (without names) to CIE and used as a basis for going back to the schools on behalf of Private Candidates. It is not an absolute commitment; just an indication of numbers.

Will let you know more when more information comes to hand.



Home Educators CIE Survey

Please complete this survey by midnight 24 February 2011

New Zealand Home Educators using Cambridge Exams (CIE) email discussion group


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Making an Application for Exemption from Enrolment and Attendance at a School

This is a cut-down and clarified version of an exemption application, showing exactly what statements / questions on the application the MoE expects parents to respond to.

1. Special Education Needs
If enrolled in a registered school, would your child be likely to need special education, forexample in a special class or clinic or by a special service? If yes, how do you plan to meet your child’s special educational needs?

2. Knowledge and understanding
Describe your knowledge and understanding of the broad curriculum areas you intend to cover as you educate your child.

3. Curriculum
Describe your curriculum or programme. Detail what you intend to cover with your child in different areas of your stated curriculum. The National Curriculum Framework may serve as a guide but use of this is not compulsory. It lists seven essential learning areas and eight grouipings of essential skills. These are listed below for your information should you wish to use the National Curriculum Framework as a guide.

4. The National Curriculum
Essential Learning Areas
Language and Languages
Social Sciences
The Arts
Health and Well-Being

Essential Skills
Communication Skills
Numeracy Skills
Information Skills
Problem-solving Skills
Self-management and competitive Skills
Social and co-operative Skills
Physical Skills
Work and study Skills
Whatever source of curriculum you select, you should be specific about the skills you want your child to learn and you should be clear about matching the learning needs of your child to your programme.

The Min of Ed does not expect you to respond to this #4, National Curriculum. It is included for your reference only. You are not required to follow the National Curriculum nor include any particular subjects into your own curriculum.

5. Topic Plan
To help the Ministry understand how your curriculum vision translates into practical terms, we ask you to includ one topic of your choosing.

We are looking for the following elements in your statement:
The Topic Title –
The Aim – what you are going to teach your child.
Resources – what materials you would use to teach the topic.
Method – what steps would you take to communicate/teach the material? Please be as
clear as possible.
Evaluation – how you will test/measure the effectiveness of your teaching.

6. Resources and Reference Material
(There is no need to list the titles of books.) Please provide a comprehensive list of all resources and reference material available to you. Also list the type of material you may intend to include in the future. Do not list the titles of every publication.

7. Environment
State how you will use the environment and your community to extend and enrich your child’s education. Please include in this a description of any educational visits you hope to make.

8. Social Contact
Describe how you intend to provide for your child’s need for social contact with other children.

9. Assessment and Evaluation
Explain how you are going to assess and evaluate the progress your child is making. Remember, you will need to have some record of this over the years, eg, if your child wants to enter an apprenticeship, this will be needed.

10. Regularity
The legislation requires a commitment to regularity. In explaining your routines, show how you will meet the requirement that your child will be taught at least as regularly as in a registered school. Some parents provide a timetable to meet this request, some describe their integrated approach. You may like to include one of the following:
• Timetable or
• Integrated curriculum description or
• Description of typical routines used.

11. Other Information
Please make any other comments you consider relevant.

Click here for:  A Collection of Exemption Tips and Ideas

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Refresh Day Conference: Nelson, 18 September 2010

Nelson Refresh Day Conference

For present or future home educating mothers

Saturday 18 September 2010
Hope Community Church, Ranzau Road, Hope

Come and be encouraged

“Be strong ,courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before
them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you: He will not fail
you or forsake you.” Deut 31:6

Join us for a day of refreshing. Take time to sit back, relax, socialize,
eat and be spiritually filled. No matter what season of life you are in,
or where you are on the home school journey, come and be filled
with courage.

Come and be encouraged by sitting at His feet and learning His ways…
”that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Acts 3 :19

Conference Programme

Venue Hope Community Church, Ranzau Road, Hope, Nelson.
9.30am Venue open, Registration
9:45am Welcome
10.00am “in COURAGE,” – Karen Dawson
11:00am Morning tea
11:30am “Knights in White Satin,”–Phillipa Ashton
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm “Dare yourself to shine” – workshop with Becky Siame
2:00pm “Virtuous Maidens and Courageous Knights” – Kim Perks
2.45pm Afternoon tea
3:15pm “Destination Unknown – Surviving Life’s Detours,” – Maree Squire
4.00pm Craft-A-Gift to Encourage
5:15pm Dinner
6:15pm Drama
6:30pm Closing Remarks & Dessert

All are welcome. This is a non-denominational conference.

All topics will be addressed from a Christian world view.

Conference Information

Cost $ 40.00

Early Bird – $ 35.00 (If received before 18 August 2010)
All meals, teas, venue hire and craft included in cost.

To Register Complete the form below and return with a cheque made payable to Nelson Christian
Home Schoolers: c/o Rebecca Dawson, 38 Heritage Crescent, Richmond 7020.
Payments can be made by direct credit to Nelson Christian Home Schoolers,
Please contact Karen  for bank account details.  Please indicate your name on the payment.

For out of town visitors, billets can be arranged.

Enquiries All Billet enquiries to Angela Taylor – 03 541 9065 or email
All other Enquiries to Karen Dawson – 03 544 0752 or email

We look forward to seeing you.
With love from
The Refresh Team

Registration Form

Surname                                                                                                     Given name
Name badge to read

Tel ( )                                                                                                            Mobile
Method of payment: Direct Credit* Cheque
Billet required? Yes No
* If paying by direct credit please email your details
to Karen Dawson at

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Keystone Magazine

Keystone Magazine

keystone-only.JPGs the Journal of Christian Home Schoolers of New Zealand, which was established to promote the concept of home education within the Christian community and beyond. First published in November 1989, Keystone is intended to inform, challenge, encourage and inspire by providing a number of regular columns such as Letters to the Editor, Home Educators Did It, Home Education Research, In Line with Scripture, Tough Questions People Ask, Learning Disabilities, Bits of Books, Over a Cuppa and several others. From November 1998 the full-colour cover of Keystone features a different Christian Home Educating family each issue. The A4 sized, 28-page Journal is published four times a year.

John Angelico, editor of the Australian Home Schooling newsletter Families
Honouring Christ said, “This top quality journal of international ranking comes out of New Zealand. We think you’ll like this thoughtful, Godly and practical journal.”

Check out previous Keystones here:

To order do one of the following:

send email to with visa number

post cheque or visa number to PO Box 9064, Palmerston North

fax 06 357-4389

phone 06 357-4399

order here:

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New Zealand Home Schooling Suppliers

NZ Homeschooling Suppliers

Finally, here it is: The long awaited list of NZ Homeschooling Suppliers!

Produced in association with LearnEX and the Home Education Foundation. This list will also be posted to and also within the next few weeks (after we recover from conferences and weddings!)

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Craig and Barbara in putting the list together. Although I have tried to be as accurate as possible, you may notice errors or omissions so, in that instance, please mail me privately and I will update the list for next time. Most of these vendors have printed price lists they can email or post to you so feel free to contact them direct.


NZ Homeschooling Suppliers

This list is for NZ suppliers that import/hold overseas stock or produce NZ
materials with a major homeschooling focus.

Better Way Books
Major focus: Christian, parent help, church history, historical fiction
Bethlehem Books
Trail Blazers
Master Books
Focus on the family
Christian Liberty Press
Classical Academic Press
Other major Christian publishing houses
Paul & Brenda Hill
Ph 09 266 5389

Major Focus: Printable Games for Thrifty Homeschoolers!
Jane Buckley

CES Books
Major focus: Curriculum, World View
Saxon Maths
A Beka
Nothing New Press
Five in a Row
Backyard Scientist
Making Math Meaningful
Steve & Teri Maxwell
Wholeheart Ministries – Sally Clarkson
Learning Language Arts through Literature
Common Sense Press
Diana Waring Materials
Mac and Tab readers
Wordly Wise
Pathway Readers and Workbooks
Christine Miller History Titles
Worldview Materials
Truth Quest History
Andrew Crowe NZ Science titles
Plus other titles…
Phone 06 374 7630

Creation Literature Society
Major Focus: Creation Science
Answers in Genesis
Bob Jones
Lionel Horton
3/91 Cook Street, Howick (viewing by appointment)
Ph 535 8420

Creaky Corner
Major Focus: Creation Science, resources for preschoolers
Creation Research Materials
Rod & Staff
Veggie Tales
Happy Day Books
Heroes of the Faith (going out of print) and for young readers
Miscellaneous Christian Material
Kathy Creak
Ph (09) 29 66 126

Curriculum Concepts
Main focus: NZ Based workbooks

Major Focus: Homeschool lending library, science equipment, stationery
PO Box 9064,
Palmerston North
06 3550721
027 241 7354

Major Focus: Stationery, reading and craft supplies
Reading Books
Craft supplies

Geneva Books
Major focus: Curriculum
Christian Liberty
Italic Handwriting
Mystery of History
Rod & Staff
Nancy Wilson – Latin & Logic titles
Bob Jones
Wibo & Lisa de Jong
34 Rewarewa Street, Tokomaru
Ph (06) 329 8097

Home Education Foundation
Major focus: Parent encouragement, family, advice & support, lobbying, speaking
Keystone Magazine
TEACH Bulletin
Trivium Pursuit
Logic & Worldview
Vision Forum
Timechart History of the World
Publications that focus on family roles
Exemption advice and encouragement
Help with ERO reviews
Plus many others…
Ph: (06) 354 7699
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand

Home Education NZ
Major Focus – Accelerated Christian Education
Home Education NZ
9 Ruahine St
(07) 544 6423 (during business hours)

Home Learning Publications
Major Focus: NZ Based Workbooks
Clive and Ruth Aim
22 Fox Road
Ph: 06 344 3097

HomeSchooling NZ
Major Focus: Accelerated Christian Education
Ray Green
P.O. Box 343
Dannevirke 4942
New Zealand
Ph (06) 374 5597
Fax: (06) 374 5597
Mobile: (027) 5466 082

Integrated Education
Major focus: Integrated unit studies
Interact Curriculum
NZ History Alive!
Graham Braddock Art Card series
PO Box 757
Auckland 0932
+649 424 3700

Institute for Excellence in Writing
Dot Brown has been given the rights to market this wonderful programme. It will take your children right through to University level English and even at University level. Spelling, Poetry and the effects of music on living things as well. Hundreds of home ed children have done the programme in Christchurch and other parts of New Zealand it really works.
Orders and questions Dot Brown or 03 3128790.

Isaccharian Books
Main Focus: Family Values, Womanhood
Issacharian Publishing
Issacharian Daughters
Issacharian Clothing

Main Focus: Curriculum, Classical gifted & extension, advice & support,
homeschooling events
Apologia Science
Artistic Pursuits
Critical Thinking
Draw Write Now
Easy Grammar
Jim Weiss Audio CDs
Jolly Phonics
How Great Thou Art
Knowledge Quest
Modern Curriculum Press (excluding maths)
Memoria Press
Story of the World
Targeting Handwriting
Write Shop
Writing Strands
Yesterday’s Classics
Plus others…
Erena Fussell
Ph (09) 269 23532
Shop 1
908 Heretaunga Street East

Margi Leech
Main Focus: Programmes for Children with Learning Difficulties
Handwriting without tears
Ph 520 4022

Lenabosa Books
Main Focus: Classical and parent help books
Paulette Fawcett
47 Upper Sefton Road
R D 2
Rangoria 8254
Ph 03 312 9557

Montessori Shop
0800 111 036
Inexpensive and quality montessori equipment.
Pohutukawa Books

Ryan Publications
Major Focus: NZ based Maths, English, Grammar, Social Studies and Science workbooks
180 Raumati Road,
Raumati Beach 6010
Ph/Fax 04 902 6331

Secondhand Books

Systematic Phonics NZ
Main Focus: Systematic phonics
Michelle and Luka Bramwell
Glen Murray
RD 5 Tuakau 2695
(09) 233 3011
(027) 476 4760

Tisa Education
Main Focus: Curriculum, tutoring & assessment
Singapore Math
Singapore English
Singapore Science
Modern Curriculum Press Maths
Duncan & Glenyss Lennox
Ph (06) 879 9752

Available from:
Wellington Home Schoolers Assn.
c/- 115 Gemstone Dr.
UPPER HUTT (Price=$10)
Manawatu Home Educators, Inc.
PO Box 9064
Auckland Home Educators
PO Box 91530
Auckland Mail Centre
Canterbury Home Educators Inc.
PO Box 8544, Riccarton

The Broad Room
Main Focus: Tutoring, consultations, training courses
Stephanie Walmsley
The Broad Room

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NZ Email discussion groups

NZ Email discussion groups

If you know of other email discussion groups in New Zealand please leave the link in the comments.  Thanks.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Home Schooling in New Zealand.

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