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Making Amazon Links

Posted by Ann Zeise on 15th March 2012

I shall assume you first have an Amazon associate account, and have been given an ID to use.

On the Amazon site, in a separate tab or window, locate the item you wish to recommend.

You may be in visual mode to make this link in your blog post or page.

COPY PASTE the title of the book or the text you wish to be linked into your post.

Select that text.

Click on the little “chain” icon. A new window will pop up.

In the URL field put:
Change “ASIN” to the 10-digit ASIN number you find for the item up in the link for that page in Amazon. It will be right after “/dp/” like this one: B007JF8YPC
Change “Your-ID-20” to the ID Amazon gave to you.

If you don’t mind the link being rather long, you could also use:
Make sure you do not forget the “?”!

The “Title” can be the title of the item, or any information you wish to pop up when a visitor scrolls over your link. You may not put in the price, per Amazon’s Terms of Service, but you may want to reiterate the title, the author, and maybe date published, and a brief review, such as for the sample item: “Perfect for children with lots of questions!” You can always go back in and change it.

I am not in anyway affiliated with Amazon any longer. You make all the money from Amazon that you are capable of making. Be sure to read all the documentation so you have an overview of the terms and what you may and may not do.

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Keep Titles Simple

Posted by Ann Zeise on 15th March 2012

When making titles for your blog and blog posts it is best to keep titles on the SHORT SIDE and WITHOUT any special characters until you save the first time.

The first time you save it will set the url for you. Then you can edit the title to your desired text.

If your blog title runs over and looks awful, you either need to shorten it or find a template that will accommodate a long title. For this blog, I looked for a template where I could create my own long title in a graphic of a specific width and height.

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