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Changing Cover Graphic in Neo Yahoo Groups

Posted by Ann Zeise on October 4, 2013

So you are upset that your Yahoo Group for your homeschool group in Florida has a header with those cute Victorian houses that are in San Francisco…How do you replace that Yahoo Group header cover graphic with one of your own?

Here’s one of my groups, Homeschool Webmasters, where I quickly created a new header today.

I am assuming, first, that you have enough “power” in the group to make such an edit. Here is how to test: When you are logged into your Yahoo group as owner or moderator, run your cursor over the right side of the current header. About 1″ down and over from the top right corner a small window will appear that offers “Change Cover.”

If you not see that popup, you need to have the owner give you the power to moderate and make such a change. Don’t bother with the rest of the work until you have that permission, unless you are preparing the cover for a graphics-challenged owner.

To quickly get a colorful background for your header, this kind person has uploaded a series of correctly proportioned rectangles to use.

She put put them on the public “Yahoo Groups Neo” wiki that Shal set up.

The set of images includes white, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, and blue-green. All tested on a Yahoo group. Because Yahoo automatically shades the lower portion of lighter images (to provide contrast for the group name that is overlaid in white on the image) — the darker, plain images work better. Here’s one you can grab (right click) if you just want the size quickly.
Pink Neo Cover

1. Go to the wiki (you do not need to be a member of the PBWiki system)
2. Click the “Pages & Files” tab at the top left.
3. Enter “cover” in the search window at the upper right to list them all.
4. Hover over any file name to see a thumbnail image showing the color. A “More” button appears toward the right.
5. Click “More” then click “Download.” A copy will land in whatever folder you have your browser set for saving downloads.

Another way to do this would be to crop a photo or graphic in the proportions 408 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. Yahoo will expand this graphic to 1020×250, so you may want to just start out with that dimension to avoid that bit-map look.

Make sure the lower left of the photo is dark and uncluttered, as that is where your group name, in white, will appear. Yahoo will shade the graphic from top to bottom, so this is not an effect you need to do yourself.

If you don’t have a digital photo of your own to use, which is advised, then search on “public domain photos” and in a topic of your choice. See if anything comes up that you like.

If you want to use a photo of your group, and the faces are identifiable, make sure you have everyone’s WRITTEN permission to use their photo. You never know who may have a stalker or is in witness protection or has some other reason to avoid having their photo online.

Okay. So now you have the graphic and it is cropped in the right proportions, and saved where you know where to find it on your computer.

Return to your group in your administrator ID, and roll your cursor over the right side again, and this time when you get the offer to change cover, take them up on it. Navigate to your saved graphic and choose it.

And if you really just plain HATE the way Yahoo Groups Neo looks and works, consider moving your group over here on Once you are a registered site member, you just click on the “Groups” tab, and in the new window, select the pink button that says “Create a Group.” Groups can be public or private. With public groups you can use the RSS feed to display group activity elsewhere. (Yahoo Groups has disabled that feature.) Public groups can be read by anyone, but to participate, someone would have to join the site and your group.

by Ann Zeise