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How to find Amazon exits reports

Posted by Ann Zeise on August 12, 2014

How to find Amazon exits reports using Analytics and WordPress SEO Plugin

First, install this plugin into your blog.
WordPress SEO Plugin
It will also help you optimize each post as you create it, so it serves more than just this purpose.
(I am not financially involved with Yoast in anyway, other than being a pleased customer.)

Am assuming you also have Google Analytics installed.
(I do have some Google Stock in my mutual funds, but not very much. I also rely heavily on Google Adsense for income, but your use of the free Analytics most likely won’t affect me one way or the other.)

“Yoast” results show up in Analytics results to help you see what Amazon links are getting the most clicks.

In Analytics
Go into Behavior
-Site Content
–Exit Pages

Sort on “yoast-ga/outbound-article/”

Choose the secondary dimension in the drop down menu:
–Country/Territory (or something else that interests you)

You’ll need to run this for the same date as an Amazon orders report to see what you got in orders from the visits.

Note that I use the “short link” on my site, so it is pretty easy for me to find the exits with that sort. If your links start differently, then your search would, of course, be different.

Not perfect, but a pretty good workaround.