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How to Get Fewer Spam Comments

Posted by Ann Zeise on July 11, 2012

Hi there Ann, hope you are keeping well! Just wanted to let you know I am being utterly inundated with Spam comments on many of my posts – is there anyway I can stop this??
Kind regards,

Hi Jenny,

You have set up comments to be moderated, right?

It is fairly easy to eliminate a whole bunch at one time. In the ”Pending” check the ”Author” box and then under ”Bulk Actions” mark them all as spam.

Now, to prevent as many FUTURE spammers in the comments, in your Dashboard, Settings, Discussion Settings, you can set what happens in your comments.

Under ”Other comment settings” may I suggest you at least check the first three. This means people will have to be a ”member” of your blog to participate in commenting. All this does is make it too time consuming for spammers. You see this sort of ”membership required” on lots of blog and news sites. You can’t just ”walk in” and comment, but have to ”join” the site.

Friends can be allowed ”free rein” to comment if you approve their first comment. See the section ”Before a comment appears” – You don’t have to approve EVERY comment, but may require that the comment author have a previously approved comment.

If you feel 14 days is too long or short a period of time for commenting, that number can be changed.

If you are getting a lot of spam comments with a certain topic, you can add those words to the comment blacklist.

See if that helps.

Ann Zeise

That’s excellent Ann! Thanks for the help as always.

Best wishes,