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HSWM ~ Homeschool Webmasters, a Private Group

HSWM is an active private group for Homeschool Webmasters

HSWM group is private, and members must be screened before being allowed to even read posts, let alone write in the group. Sometimes a webmaster or blogger just doesn’t want the whole world to know what they are asking! Often the chat is rather geeky and technical, and so would be unacceptably boring on a “normal” homeschool social network.

Homeschool Webmasters had been active since 1999 in Yahoo Groups, has moved to Facebook, where it continues supporting those who were working on homeschool-related websites.

The need for more support for social networking sites has become apparent, and so by working on Facebook, we bloggers and site creators can learn and help each other to reach out to more and more families who need accurate and reliable homeschool information and resources for learning.