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How to Add an YouTube Video to a Blog Post

Posted by Ann Zeise on March 26, 2012

This is so simple, and can be thought to be so complicated!

In “Visual” mode, just give an individual line to the full URL you’ve copied above the YouTube video you want to post.

The link will look something like this… …without the dots.

You will not be able to see the video until you publish. You will need to look in Preview mode or the actual Published post.

Here’s the video when given a link on its own line:

If you want to give special settings to the link, such as a special size (The plain one adjusts to the width of your column usually.) or whether or not suggested videos are given at the end of the video, you’ll need to customize the link and use shortcode.

You can also just use the little YouTube icon above in Visual Mode, adding the url there. The advantage in this method is you can set a default width and height for your template so that all videos you enter are the same dimensions.