I’ve (Sad to Say) Neglected My Blog…

August 20, 2016 | Comments Off on I’ve (Sad to Say) Neglected My Blog…

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I have not been actively involved with homeschooling for almost 3 (? has it been that long?) years, and yet I still receive phone calls from people on a weekly basis (and even more emails) inquiring about homeschooling. I mention this because I had A LOT of homeschooling groups when utilizing Yahoo! groups. However, when Yahoo! changed their format, I hated it.  And, as other social media platforms became more engaging, less and less communication transpired among the members of Yahoo! groups.  As a result, I have closed over the last 2 years almost 75% of the (homeschooling) groups that I had been overseeing.  However, earlier this week, when I checked for “homeschool” groups in Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised (and encouraged!) to find SO MANY groups available: secular, religious, location specific, curriculum specific, free resources, and for learning difficulties–to name a few areas. The connections and support that homeschoolers should be able to make with one another–from newbies to veteran homeschooling families–should no longer have a gap. How awesome is that? And, although I may not be currently homeschooling my kids–they graduated! 🙂 –I still support the homeschooling community and try to stay involved with guiding those who contact me about homeschooling. The discovery of all of these groups–and joining them–allows for me to continue to help, even if it’s by suggesting helpful groups for them to join.

But, I have decided that it is probably just as beneficial if I started to blog again.  So, I am hoping that I get into a regular schedule to do so again.  

Rebecca Miller

The Sandwiched Homeschooler