35 Videos – FL ASH format videos

Youtube also has a good list of how to videos for wordpress, here are a couple we like, Howto Build A $3500 WordPress Website – For Beginners – 2016 BEST Tutorial and How to Make a Drag & Drop WordPress Website – ▼FOR BEGINNERS 2016▼

Add an image from your Computer

Add Heading style to a Post or Page

Add Image from URL

Add Links to a Sidebar

Upload Media to the Media Library

Add New Page

Add New Post

Add Paragraphs to Posts and Pages

Introduction to the WordPress Admin Bar

Approving and Editing Comments

Working with Categories

Change Password on the Your Profile Page

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

Delete an Image from a Post or Page

Edit Image in a Post or Page

Editing Posts or Pages

Edit Links

Introduction to Post Excerpt

Set Featured Image for a Post or Page

Creating Hyperlinks

Introduction to the Image Editor

Introduction to Link Categories

Ordered and Unordered Lists in Posts and Pages

Introduction to Media Library

Embed videos, images and media into posts and pages

Paste from MS Word into Posts and Pages

Working with Quick Press

Replace images in a Post or Page

Restore Page from Trash folder

Restore Post from Trash folder

Working with Tags

Introduction to the visual editing formatting toolbar

Trash a Page or Post